Ghostlamp works with over 50 million micro influencers worldwide. The influencers are categorised by gender, age, and interests, to guarantee the perfect pair of influencers and brands to create beautiful collaborations.

Invitation from Ghostlamp

Did you get an invite from Ghostlamp as an influencer? Whether or not you think you are an influencer, everyone has influence, some maybe more than others.

A campaign invitation from Ghostlamp means that a brand has created an influencer campaign with Ghostlamp and you’ve been carefully selected as a potential match.

Up on receiving an invitation from Ghostlamp, you will receive the objectives of the campaign, rewards, and detailed tasks lists with guidelines. We want you to create authentic content by giving you the creative freedom to incorporate the task to the platform in question.

That is why you receive a campaign invitation that needs your acceptance or you can decline the invitation if you are in contract with a competitor or the brand just does not suit you in your opinion. Your content is owned by you. Unless stated otherwise in the brief before negotiation or in our Terms.  But the brand reserves the right to share your content on their social media during the campaign or after.

Four Easy Steps

How to Get Started?

If you want to know more about what we have done with influencers on various social media platforms, have a look at our Case Studies.

When you are ready you can contact our Team Members for more information.

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