Ghostlamp provides agencies and brands with an efficient platform to launch influencer marketing campaigns, engaging real people through millions of registered influencers worldwide.

Ghostlamp Manages Campaigns

Ghostlamps provides on-demand service and we are not an agency for specific influencers.

In close collaboration with the brands, Ghostlamp creates briefs for the influencer. Ghostlamp fully manages the campaign so you as a customer can sit back and relax during the timespan of the campaign.

When the campaign has reached its end date you get a full campaign report including:

  • Campaign Analysis
  • EPIC results
  • Impressions, Likes, Reach and Comments results


We have worked with international, as well as local brands, on influencer campaigns and influencer marketing.

It all starts with your interest and followed by a great idea. For your brand and the market you are interested in, we will partner you with the influencers who are right for you and your brand.

How to Get Started?

If you want to know more about what we have done for other brands, have a look at our Case Studies.

When you are ready you can contact our Team Members for more information.

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