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Ghostlamp provides agencies and brands with an efficient platform to launch influencer marketing campaigns, engaging real people through millions of registered influencers worldwide.

The Ghostlamp platform automates the process of finding, contracting and paying influencers giving you the power to start a movement in minutes.

On Ghostlamp you purchase real impact for your brand measured in EPIC, not a number of influencers or pieces of content. EPIC is a unified engagement metric for all social channels. We guarantee the EPIC impact you purchase.
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Once you've signed up and created your first brand profile you can immediately start creating your campaigns. Our web-app guides you through the process of launching a campaign in just three easy steps. Define your target market, brief your influencers, and schedule your campaign launch date.
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Intelligent Matching

The influencers on Ghostlamp come in different sizes, with a diverse set of profiles. Once you've defined your target market, our matchmaking algorithms find exactly the influencers you need to positively impact your brand on their social channels.
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Realtime Analytics

As soon as the influencers in your campaign start to post their content, Ghostlamp provides you with real-time monitoring of the engagement generated by the influencer content. So sit back and watch as real people interact with your brand.
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Your Guarantee & EPIC Impact

Ghostlamp is invite only for influencers, which means that only the most relevant influencers receive an invitation to your campaign, securing interest, positive attitude and authenticity.
  • A.I. and machine learning optimize the potential impact of influencers for your campaign.
  • We constantly monitor campaigns and will remove non-compliant activity or negative impressions, if it ever happens.
 Full overview of the EPIC impact you are making in a single analytics page.
  • EPIC is a Unified Engagement Metric and stands for Engagement Per Influencer Campaign.
  • Most campaigns over deliver EPIC impact, which is simply a bonus for you at no additional cost. We guarantee that you get the EPIC impact you purchase.

Influencer Marketing

On-demand content consumption among consumers is leaving traditional marketing at a disadvantage. It is becoming harder to reach target audiences because people want to consume content at their own discretion. Influencer marketing is the fastest growing marketing channel today, engaging real people on social media. On Ghostlamp, brands can activate a wide range of influencers, whether they're micro, medium sized or top tier. By selecting the right combination of influencers you are able to create a movement in minutes.
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