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On Ghostlamp you can easily find, hire and collaborate with hyperlocal influencers around the world. Creative professionals that love your brand are here to help grow your business in a way that is unparallelled.

Simply login to your Ghostlamp account, create a campaign and target your ideal influencers. Within a few moments the relevant influencers that love your brand will begin to create and share branded content that resonates with their audience.

Ghostlamp is suitable for all kinds of consumer brands - startups as well as large brands.

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Ghostlamp leverages on the growing sharing economy by allowing hyperlocal influencers to turn their influence into a business. Influencers with 20.000 followers or more can earn more than the U.S. median household by using Ghostlamp only twice a week.

The people that influence other peoples ideas

Welcome to the Ghostlamp marketplace, a platform that enables brands to harness the power of creative professionals to spark organic word of mouth in cities across the globe. Welcome to a world where hyperlocal influencers earn money by creating and sharing content around experiences that are a part of their daily lives.

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